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Antquarium©, a product of educational GLOBUS®, allows to study the behavior of ants in a unique, self-contained habitat. Its nutrient-rich gel is specially formulated for sustenance of the ants. Due to the transparency of the gel, the architecture of the tunnel can be observed in 3 dimensions: a unique perspective compared to that of artificial habitats with sand or soil.

GLOBUS® educational Antquarium© includes a special container with the special gel, a magnifying glass and a special lens with which you can see even the hair of ants! Antquarium© is fascinating, and with new trademark.

The concept of Antquarium was developed by NASA during the space exploration programs of the United States. The idea was to bring a colony of ants in space so that astronauts could study the behavior of insects in zero gravity. Why? Well, they had to study something while shooting around the planet Earth. In any case, we have collected what NASA began studying: a fascinating habitat in transparent gel that contains the life of ants here on earth. Or on the desk, beside the bed or on the kitchen table.

Antquarium© consists of a gel highly nutritious, non-toxic in which it is necessary to make 4 small holes to start the construction of the network of tunnels. Just go to the park and in the garden and take about 15 ants to populate the colony, put them in the Antquarium, replace the lid and watch. Within a few days the ants will dig a spectacular tunnel system and channels, each visible from various angles through the walls of the container. Maintenance is minimal.

In addition to providing an ecological habitat in perfect balance and sure, the gel is also the feeding of ants. To ventilate the interior will simply open the lid for a moment once a month.

Features Antquarium

  • Antquarium© is an instructive and educational gift for everyone from 9 to 99 years
  • The package contains everything you need (including the magnifying glass) with the exception of ants
  • Approximately the average life of an ant is equal to 6 months (the worker ants carry the dead body of her companions on the surface and then dispose of it according to the utility).
  • The gel can be re-used several times.
Super Forest Ant
Super Forest Ant
You'll see dig the tunnel from the ants and the plants develop their roots before your eyes

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